Enjoyable educational support for adoptive families with children aged 3-13.


Letterbox Club is available for children placed for adoption and for post-adoption support. The cost per child is currently £145 (including VAT). Funding might be possible via your local authority or school, if the child is eligible for pupil premium, otherwise parents can purchase the parcels themselves.


Children signed up get six parcels, one per month. Each parcel contains at least two books, a maths game and a selection of stationery items.


The programme has achieved significant improvements in reading and numeracy for many of the children who have been members, and has helped to encourage children and their families to read and play games together at home.

'We arrived back from  holiday last night and Tyler was absolutely thrilled to receive his first letterbox parcel... many thanks - what a brilliant scheme!'  Jill, adoptive parent

If you are an adoptive parent and you think your child would benefit from receiving the parcels then please contact the Letterbox Club team on 020 7801 8805.


An article in Adoption UK's Adoption Today magazine, April 2013, outlines the benefits of the programme in helping children to improve their education.


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