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It is really good what you give us.


The letterboxes that are send to me I really enjoy opening them and seeing what's inside. Its exciting what you've got and a surprise and a surprise when u get it because you don't know when you get it. I love the parcels because they help me with my reading and maths and lots more of stuff. so that's how great the letterbox parcels are and there club as I'm a member of the club now I have a card Xx

Sophie RM

It was really fun having packages to open because they would always be on the kitchen table when we got home from school


I love getting parcels just for me. It's the best thing ever.


I love getting letter box because there are more storys to read every time


I love having parcels every month and now I'm a letterboxclub member


Letterbox is great !!! i love new books.


I think that the Letterbox Club is good because it inspires people to read and write.


This a great club to be a part of.


Thank you for helping me .


I love the surprise of getting a parcel and I love the books and activities - thank you!

Olivia, age 7

Thank you for every thing you have have done I didn't like reading until you sent me all those parcles I think you all are kind thank you so much.


Thank you for the super cool parcel. Iam really looking forward to my next parcel. From Adam


No I haven't lost my Letterbox club card. I am just writing to you to inform you that I am very grateful for all the lovely books and games I have received over the last two months. I am very much looking forwrd to my July parcel books games and wristband I shall get. Once again, many thanks, Maggie


Thank you for the things you got me they were lovely. I ame excited for my next parcel. Yours Sincerely Jennifer


Dear Letterbox. Thank you for the stuff you gave us. We might play and draw for a week. From Letitia


Thank You from John


Just to say thank you for the gifts. I like the books. From Lolly


Thank you for the lovely books and the board game. A big thank you for letting me have my own Letterbox card. I really love the money game but this tem my mum won it. Best wishes Jordan


Thanks a bunch!


Me and my brother really liked Letterbox Club because they included very good books and maths games. The anticipation was very annoying and frustrating. My brother also enjoyed the books and he liked the stationary as well.


PS It would be nice if could include popular online cartoon character books and lego


Thank you for my parcel. From Luke


I am writing to thank you for my Letterbox parcels. I enjoyed the games and I really enjoyed the book called The Two Jacks. From Andrew


Dear Letterbox Club, thank you for the package I love it. See you soon. Bye


Thank you next time if your can I have a David Attenborough book about animals. Sorry about the spelling mistakes from Thierry.


To Letterbox thank you for my pack from Troy.


Bobby is really grateful for you sending those things. Bobby has told me to write that and this is from him. Thank you from Bobby and Tommy.


thank you for my letter box parcel I enjoyed my parcel very much and look forward to my next one.

Callum, aged 8

The items you get help with: school, reading, gaming and a lot of other things as well.

12 year old boy

I think they are really fun.

12 year old girl

I enjoyed receiving the parcels and looked forward to them coming.

10 year old girl

I thought it was really exciting getting parcels addressed to me.

8 year old boy

If there is any more for my age and older I would love to continue to have them. As you get awesome books and pens. P.S I like the Guinness World Records 2014 book. It’s awesome!”

12 year old boy

Dear Letterbox Club, Thanks for the parcel I thought it and everything inside it was great. I enjoyed the books too. Thanks again....

Child, Year 3, North Linolnshire

I can now write poems because I read what other children had done and thought I can do that to.

Child, Year 7, London

Thank you so much for my parcels I like them very much, my carer helps me to read the books and I play the games with my friends.  I find all the contents interesting, stimulating and I have lots of fun.  Once again thank you so much, lots of Love’  (Age 12 – Yellow.  Written with foster carer)

Age 12

Thank you for my Letterbox Parcels, my favourite is The High Street Book’ (Age 7 – Blue)

Age 7

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts, I now know that its not all bad in care and I love reading so all the books come in handy (age 9 – Red)

Age 9

Thank you for all I get sent, I don’t usually enjoy reading but this month I got sent a book, it is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney.  So far I am up to page 79 and am hoping to finish the book soon (Age 13 – green)

Age 13

I have got my June Letterbox Club parcel and have read the books and I drew some pictures...Thank you for this package and thank you for the maths games, as I am not particularly good at maths, but I like literacy and reading and, Jaqueline, you are one of my best authors, I have read lots of your books including The Story of Tracy Baeker and its really well written, although I have not read The Worry Website yet, I know its going to be great as all of your books are. I have read your letter and I enjoyed that too.


I thought WOW when I got the parcel because I have never ever had a package or a parcel in my entire life I am 10 years old


I think it's great!


To the letterbox club

thank you very very much for sending me everything. I have lots of fun with the percels you send for me. My favourite thing that you have sent me, is my wheres wolly book.


Thanks for sending us the Goodies.

i especially like the book about bats and humans.

Lee (age 8)

Dear Alice Galvin

Thank you for the parcel. Plese can you keep sending thems. I can stay happy ever after.

Thack you


Thank you very much for the letter box parcel. I loved the stuff inside. I am really looking forward to the next parcel.

Yours faithfully

Ryan (age 11)


Thankyou for the books and the pens it is very nice to give me that,


thank you lov my suth sowe. I want you to you to now that. I am happy to beiy in yore club. June 2009