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Our children were thrilled to receive their first parcels today. A lot of thought has gone into them, especially the yellow one for our daughter who is 8 but cannot read or write. We're really excited about the next one! Thank you all very much


I'd never heard of letter box club until I discovered a brightly coloured package full of amazing books and activities which landed on the doormat at my work and addressed to one of the children I look after. The pack was received by the young man with a huge grin on his face and he really is proud as punch with his new story and activity books. I certainly look forward to seeing what arrives in his future packs.


Thank you for Luke's parcel. He really enjoyed using the colouring pens and he drew a beautiful car.

Carer - South West

She loved all the books and read them straight away. It encouraged her to look at books she wouldn’t normally choose, and realise that factual books are really interesting.

Carer, Nottinghamshire

He hasn’t had much experience of owning or enjoying books and the scheme has certainly improved his confidence in reading.

Carer, Nottinghamshire

[Name] looked forward each month to these parcels and eagerly checked the post during the last week of each month. The contents were then strewn across the lounge and showed to everyone who visited. This is great initiative and must be continued.

Carer, Nottinghamshire

He looked forward to the parcels and felt he was valued. Was amazed at the fact that people he didn’t know would spend so much money on books for him.

Carer, Nottinghamshire

The receipt of these letterbox parcels has been looked forward eagerly by [name]. She seldom gets any mail or any presents from anyone so these were a welcome addition.

Carer, Nottinghamshire

He felt special and it was positively received. He had very little belongings of his own and values greatly things he is able to keep.

Carer, Nottinghamshire

Keeli is so enjoying it all. Books are her favourite particularly Kechup On Your Cornflakes. The whole package has opened up a fun way to learn. it has enhanced her colour and number matching, skills like cutting sorting writing. A great package. Hope this will count as positive feed back.

Foster carer, Northern Ireland

The book choices were excellent…The Manga drawing book inspired her so much that she has joined a Manga drawing class. I just can`t thank you enough for allowing J. this wonderful opportunity.

Foster carer, Stoke

She has improved no end with her reading. She now reads 3 books at a time and understands each story.

Foster carer, Stoke

It was great when The Hunger Games arrived! I had been encouraging her to read it without success. She has now read the trilogy.

Foster carer, Stoke

She reads the books to her younger sisters and shares them with her friends.

Foster carer, Stoke

J. loved the books; she discovered the reading bug this year.

Foster carer, Stoke

Callum is really excited when his parcel arrives, and is keen to read and do activities.  Callum is now a member of Ellesmere Port library and currently has three books on loan.

Foster carer – Cheshire

Ryan loves getting the parcels, rips them open and ‘tucks straight in’.  He loves the books (devours them) and stationery packs – it’s rare for Ryan to spontaneously write or draw, but he has done with the Letterbox exercise books and pens. He’s particularly keen on keeping them together in the plastic wallets.

Foster carer – Cheshire

I am the foster carer for Janet, 10, and I felt that I should write to say how great the Letterbox packs have been. After the first pack, Janet started to anticipate with pleasure the arrival of the next one and she has made really good use of all that has been in them.


As a teacher (who is just completing a Master’s dissertation in Children’s Literature!) I fully appreciate the value of reading and I, too, have been delighted with the range of material that has been sent.

Carer of girl aged 10, 2011

As an ex-primary teacher who ordered the school's books, I was both surprised and impressed by your lovely, well thought out book packages, especially as you are catering for such a wide range of children. Well done. This project must be one of the best things social services has done since I have been fostering!

Carer of girl in Year 6, 2011

The variety of books and games has helped my foster son to enjoy and respect books. We have great fun reading and playing as a family.

Carer of boy in Year 5, 2011

Lottie has all the books on show in her room. We both enjoy reading and playing the games. She loves reading in bed, it helps her drift off to sleep. She keeps her books close to the bed.

Carer of girl aged 9

Andy loves the stories that are funny and he enjoys the extra things in the pack, like pens and note books. It helped us do more with him - the maths games were great.

Carer of boy aged 9

He read a lot anyway but it gave him more choice of books to read... storybooks and fact books.

Carer of boy aged 8

The Letterbox Club has helped me do more with Susan. We play the maths games and use the books on a daily basis for paired reading. Books can be expensive, so we really appreciate the Letterbox Club/

Foster Carer