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The Youngsters’ faces light up when they receive the parcels! Long may it continue!

Eilir Jones, Education Co-ordinator for Looked After Children, Conwy

I just want to pass on two children’s feedback to you. One child, who had the Year Three pack two years ago, showed me all of her books, beautifully arranged in her bookcase. She said that it was Letterbox Club that ‘got her into reading‘ Jacqueline Wilson.

The other girl said that she loved being part of Letterbox: she had received it in Year Three and is now receiving the Year 5 pack. She loves the plastic folders with zips as she enjoys doing projects: she said that there is a good choice of books and her carer is impressed with the quality: she loves getting the stickers: Letterbox Club makes her feel ‘special’: she likes the postcards. She says that there are no negatives!

LACE Team, Suffolk

The children told us that they really love having the parcels delivered and one young boy in particular told me he uses everything for school from the pens to the plastic wallet and enjoys playing the money games at home!

Fostering Team, Neath Port Talbot

Just to say how much we have appreciated Letterbox. Our numbers of children in care of primary age have risen steadily and knowing that we can rely on Letterbox as a resource has been very reassuring.

Sue Haslingden – Primary Team Manager, Leicestershire

I have had some really positive feedback about the Letterbox parcels. The young people I work with often ask, 'When’s the next one coming?!'.

Last week, I gave a parcel to a child who had just had contact, so he was quieter and more dejected than usual. The parcel really made him smile and he loved everything he got. Normally he has a lot of difficulty sitting still while I read to him but he happily sat for the whole hour, colouring in his new notebook (with new felt pens), then begged me to stay an extra 20 minutes to read The High Street with him.

Anna Fleming, The Reader Organisation

Carers said how much the children loved getting the parcels and the books always got put in pride of place, neatly on the shelves.

Sue Haslingden, Primary Team Manager, Leicestershire Council

I know that young people who are part of the Letterbox Club in South Gloucestershire now and in the past have gained and continue to gain so much more than could ever be given monetary value.

Simone Johnston, Inclusion Support Worker, South Gloucestershire Council

I wish Letterbox Club continued success. All the young people I have heard from have really enjoyed receiving their parcels and a lot of the adults that have seen the parcels going out wish there was a similar scheme for adults!

Shirley Zaple, Children & Young People's Directorate, Somerset County Council

A very simple idea, executed imaginitively and making best use of slender resources.

Richard Corden, Third Sector Awards judge, Consultant, Central Lobby Consultants

Access to the fun and inspiring educational materials that the Letterbox Club sends is helping young fostered children to meet their potential at a key stage in their development.

Kate Lewis, Director of the Fostering Network Northern Ireland

The Siobhan Dowd Trust is delighted to be working with The Letterbox Club. From the moment we became aware of it, we knew that it was exactly the kind of initiative we wanted to support, and it’s also clear that it has a proven track record of success. This kind of support for looked after children is even more important in these times of spending cuts, and we look forward to a long relationship with the Letterbox Club.

Tony Bradman, Chair of Trustees, The Siobhan Dowd Trust

We know that all too often children in care struggle in school and fall behind their peers in terms of academic achievement. Access to the fun and inspiring materials that the Letterbox Club sends out is helping young fostered children to meet their potential at a key stage in their development.

Robert Tapsfield, CEO of the Fostering Network

Undoubtedly, these parcels have been an amazing resource for our LAC. We've had our best response ever from our young people this year. They seem to be so proud and excited about receiving these packages through the post... Thanks again for providing such an excellent child-centred resource.

Sue Holmes, Advisory Teacher, Years 5-9, Dudley Virtual School for LAC/LACES Team

We are delighted to be able to work with Booktrust to give fostered children this chance to boost their reading and writing skills. Too often they fall behind at school and don't have the access they need to extra support and opportunities. This scheme goes some way to giving them the same chances as other children when it comes to reading and writing.

Kate Lewis, Director of the Fostering Network Northern Ireland

I really think it's a fantastic and incredibly valuable scheme which offers something hugely positive to some of our most vulnerable children. A huge thank you to you for all your support, you've been so helpful making sure everything runs smoothly here.

Martin Hiley, Administrative Officer, Children’s Services Department, Hampshire County Council

I went to a PEP this week for a Year 6 girl. I couldn't resist telling you how excited she was to get a letter from Jacqueline Wilson. She thought Jacqueline had written personally to her so was just so happy. If you get the chance to pass that on then I hope it can make Jacqueline's day too.

Veronica McGregor, Senior Support Worker, RALAC Team, Leicester City Council

I just wanted to say thank you to all at Letterbox for the new parcel arrangements. It has certainly made life a lot easier for me.

Marjorie Graham, Education Coordinator, Wandsworth

We were having a look at the parcel contents and were very pleased with it. We're sure our children in care will be really happy when they receive these parcels too. Thank you and all the other people who have put the effort into doing this.

Sandeep Malhotra, Virtual School Administrator for Children in Care, London Borough of Barnet

The books are so wonderful - I am going to re-read some of them before they are sent out. Our Library Service is getting very excited about this project and they are going to get extra copies of the Letterbox book authors so that the young people can continue their interest, as well as running events for them.

Lesley Cassidy, Children, Schools & Families Directorate, Surrey County Council

I visited a child today who has completed an evaluation on her own. When I asked if she could recommend any improvements to the Letterbox Club, she replied: 'Yes, it should go on until you are 12 years old.' She was a Year 3 child!

Patti Whitfield, Advisor Teacher for Looked After Children, Southwark

I have been sending out the feedback forms on the Letterbox parcels and have had very positive replies, including one today saying that the child 'thoroughly loved' getting the parcels; the carers enjoyed sharing them with him and referred to it as an AMAZING scheme.

Hayley Ballard, LACES Administrator & Project Assistant, Sutton

My manager said yes to signing up for 2011 without any hesitation as we feel it has had a fantastic effect on the literacy and numeracy levels of our LAC and personally is one of my favourite projects to be involved in.

Cate Rizzo, Project Officer, LACE Team, Wolverhampton