Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think

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Your Reviews

I'd never heard of letter box club until I discovered a brightly coloured package full of amazing books and activities which landed on the doormat at my work and addressed to one of the children I look after. The pack was received by the young man with a huge grin on his face and he really is proud as punch with his new story and activity books. I certainly look forward to seeing what arrives in his future packs.

3 August 2015

thank you for my letter box parcel I enjoyed my parcel very much and look forward to my next one.

Callum, aged 8
31 May 2014

I have two children in placement that receive letterbox parcels, the one child has difficulty with her reading and doesn't show much interest, since she has received these books her interest has grown and will sit down and read with me willingly for ages! The other child I have hasnt been with me for long,and loves reading and gets really excited when his parcel comes. He is very interested in everything so he really enjoys the factual books! The parcels have also helped him to bond with me as we read them together, this has been priceless. Thank you very much!

Dawn Cousins
22 September 2012

I love the surprise of getting a parcel and I love the books and activities - thank you!

Olivia, age 7
11 July 2016

Our children were thrilled to receive their first parcels today. A lot of thought has gone into them, especially the yellow one for our daughter who is 8 but cannot read or write. We're really excited about the next one! Thank you all very much

24 June 2016

Thank you for every thing you have have done I didn't like reading until you sent me all those parcles I think you all are kind thank you so much.

17 February 2016

J. loved the books; she discovered the reading bug this year.

Foster carer, Stoke
16 December 2013

I thought WOW when I got the parcel because I have never ever had a package or a parcel in my entire life I am 10 years old

7 July 2012

I think it's great!

11 June 2012