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Letterbox Club parcels can help improve the educational outlook for looked after children in your area.

In 2016, the Letterbox Club reached over 11,000 children, with 120 local authorities taking part across the UK - another all-time record. You can now sign up for Letterbox Club 2017.


These are the parcel sets available in 2017:


  • Letterbox Orange - designed for children in Year 1, to follow them into Year 2
  • Letterbox Yellow - designed for children aged 7-9 who have not yet started reading independently. Maths materials focus on counting numbers of objects up to 10
  • Letterbox Blue - designed for children in Year 3, to follow them into Year 4
  • Letterbox Red - designed for children in Year 5, to follow them into Year 6
  • Letterbox Green - designed for children in Year 7, to follow them into Year 8


NEW FOR 2017

Letterbox Purple - designed to support children aged 3 -5 in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Email us to find out more or call 020 7801 8830 to speak to programme manager, Amy Harker, about this new set of parcels.

Letterbox Club parcels are usually delivered in six, monthly batches - depending on local authority storage capacity. We can deliver two months' worth at a time, if you have enough space.


The Benefits:

  • Can significantly improve children's reading and numeracy
  • Encourages children and their parents/carers to read and play games together
  • Gives enjoyment to children through owning their own books
  • Supports children over the summer as they move into the next school year

'In Suffolk, where the project has been running for six years, as elsewhere, there is clear evidence of significant progress in children's reading ability as well as tangible improvements in maths.'

Education Matters in Care. A report by the independent cross-party inquiry into the educational attainment of looked after children in England, July 2012.

Please email letterbox@booktrust.org.uk with any queries.


View a short five-minute film about the Letterbox Club from the perspective of children, LACE, libraries and carers.