Contents of the Letterbox parcels
Letterbox parcel contents

Welcome to the Letterbox Club!

Children are registered to take part in the Letterbox Club by local authorities and schools. Each child then receives their own colourful parcel of books, number games and stationery items, once a month for six months.

You might have received a letter saying your child will be taking part, or if you'd like to find out if they are eligible, please get in touch with your local authority or your child's school.


Letterbox Club parcels include:


  • Story and picture books by a range of authors
  • Non-fiction, poetry and joke books
  • Fun number games (your child might need some help to set these up!)
  • Stationery items, such as felt tips, notepads, pens etc. to encourage writing and drawing
  • Letters, bookmarks and more…!



  • The parcels are for your child to own and keep! 
  • You can have fun too - you might want to play a game together or talk about the stories your child enjoyed.
  • You may find that your child only likes one of the items in one of the parcels. That's fine! If they want to look at one item over and over again, that's fine too.

If you're a carer and your child moves placement (or returns to their birth family) during the Letterbox Club, the parcels will be sent to their new address until the end of the programme.


Members' Area


In their final parcel, children aged 7+ will also get access to a special member's area of our website,

just for them! Remember to look out for the login details as it's password protected. Here they'll find lots of content including short stories, interviews, extra chapters and writing tips!

We hope you and your child enjoy being part of the Letterbox Club
. If you would like more information then please get in touch with the Letterbox Club team or call us on 020 7801 8825.



Letterbox Club in the UK

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