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Contents of the Letterbox parcels
Letterbox parcel contents

Your child might be enrolled on the Letterbox Club programme by your local authority or through your child's school. 

Your child will receive a variety of books, number games and stationery items for them to use and keep! The parcels can be enjoyed by the child on their own - or you might want to share them together.

The Letterbox Club parcels include:


  • Story books by a range of authors such as Jacqueline Wilson and Francesca Simon
  • Illustrated non-fiction, poetry and joke books
  • Simple number games (Your child might need some help to set these up!)
  • Stationery items, such as felt tips, a calculator, notepads, pens etc. to encourage writing and drawing

Your child will receive their first parcel in May of the year that they join and then once every month for six months, with the last parcel arriving in October.

If you're a foster carer and your child moves placement (or returns to their birth family) during this time, the parcel will be sent to their new address until the end of the programme. 



  • The parcels are for your child to own and keep! 
  • You can have fun too - you might want to play a game together or talk about the stories your child enjoyed!
  • You may find that your child only likes one of the items in one of the parcels. That's fine! If they want to look at one item over and over again, that's fine too.


We hope your child enjoys being part of the Letterbox Club. If you would like more information about the programme then please get in touch with the Letterbox Club team.

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