Letterbox Club in Northern Ireland

The Letterbox Club in Northern Ireland is funded by Fostering Network Northern Ireland as part of its Fostering Achievement programme, in partnership with the Northern Ireland Government.

The parcel sets are for the following year groups:


  • Letterbox Orange -  for children in P2, to follow them into P3
  • Letterbox Yellow - for children aged 7-9 who are not yet reading independently. Maths materials focus on counting numbers of objects up to 10.
  • Letterbox Blue - for children in P4,  to follow them into P5
  • Letterbox Red - for children in P6,  to follow them into P7
  • Letterbox Green - for children in Year 8,  to follow them into Year 9


In partnership, Letterbox Club and the Fostering Network Northern Ireland, won the prestigious Third Sector Excellence Charity Partnership Award.


Letterbox Club's Northern Ireland patron, author Malachy Doyle (pictured), is proud to be involved in the programme:


Malachy Doyle

I'm delighted to be a patron of the Letterbox Club in Northern Ireland. I've seen for myself the excitement the children get on receiving their parcels. We've met up on Fostering Achievement Fun Days in Belfast and Omagh, where I've had great fun chatting to them, reading them my stories and even dancing with them. The Letterbox Club is doing fantastic work and I hope it goes from strength to strength.

If you would like more information about the Letterbox Club in Northern Ireland, please get in touch with the Letterbox Club team.


View a short film about Letterbox Club in Northern Ireland: