Letterbox Club in England

Letterbox Club in England

We're now working with over 100 Local Authorities and an increasing number of schools! 

The Letterbox Club in England began as a developmental pilot initiated by Rose Griffiths at the University of Leicester in 2003. Since 2007, the Letterbox Club has been managed by BookTrust and has rapidly grown to become one of its most established programmes.

The programme is funded via subscription from individual local authorities or schools, who can use Pupil Premium Plus for looked after children and Pupil Premium for other children who might benefit. The cost per child is £135 (including VAT).


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He hasn't had much experience of owning or enjoying books and the scheme has certainly improved his confidence in reading.

Carer, Nottinghamshire 

Letterbox is always well received by both children and carers, I have had great feedback saying it helps them bond with the child, which can be tricky if they haven't had the child for very long.
LACE coordinator 

I thought WOW when I got the parcel because I have never ever had a package or a parcel in my entire life I am 10 years old.
Letterbox Club member

If you would like more information then please get in touch with the Letterbox Club team.